Mama's Cinnamon Challah French Toast

How could we make challah french toast easier and tastier?  We make a special challah in a loaf pan instead of braided so that every piece is the same size and shape.  And we put in a cinnamon swirl for you . . .


Slice your cinnamon challah loaf evenly and not too thin (or it will fall apart in the egg batter).  In a large flat-bottomed mixing bowl, break eight eggs, add one tablespoon pure vanilla extract, and one cup of milk/cream in any combination you like (depending on how decadent you're feeling--1% milk works fine but heavy cream is the best).  Beat thoroughly.  Heat salted butter in a large pan or on a griddle at medium heat but don't let it burn.

One at a time, place the slices of cinnamon (or plain) challah in the egg batter, turning gently twice and then lifting above the bowl for a moment to let the batter drip.  I recommend doing this with your fingers as a fork will often tear the battered bread.  Place as many slices in the pan as fit easily.  Allow to brown to your liking and then flip the challah slices over.  

The second side tends to cook more quickly so don't neglect your special French toast.  Between batches, carefully wipe out the pan with paper towels or sponge clean so that the brown butter is gone.  Rebutter, rebatter, rebrown, reflip.

Serve with warmed maple syrup, your favorite jam, or fresh fruit, or yoghurt.  Even a drizzle of chocolate sauce is delicious with this recipe.